Unretouched REALLY Untouched?

3 years ago

With the ability to Photoshop, comes an endless amount of retouched makeup ads trying to sell a product to the millions of women believe they can look as perfect as the model on the ads by buying these products. Everyone want to sell the image of the `perfect` and most flawless face that every woman wish to have, but of course most of us realize that they are all retouched by professionals behind the scenes before are in magazines and billboards. If their products really does work to make lashes look fuller, get rid of wrinkles, and hide every flaw why digitally retouch photos or touched photos in general?
In 2011 Makeup Forever debuted an unretouched makeup ad to debut their HD foundation. They claim its `unretouched` but is it really untouched? The false advertising still somewhat exist to sell a product. Sure it can be unretouched digitally, but there are other ways they try to sell their miracle product. These photos are taken in a professional setting with plenty of lighting to make the models look flawless without photoshop. Lighting and angle is everyone`s best friend when it comes to looking flawlessly amazing in photos. This is a makeup ad after all, so the makeup they are trying to sell helps the model look like she does not have a single flaw on her face. They try to tell women that they can look like a model without retouching if they use the HD Foundation.
If women can really look that good using their foundation why not take the photo in a non professional setting to show that if an everyday woman using their product take a picture at a realistic place like a party, or at the mall can still look flawless minus the fancy lights. Since it is a campaign and most women are not models with already perfect skin, using your average everyday woman would have been more realistic. Everyone who uses makeup also knows that its also how you apply makeup to look that flawless and amazing. Having the light hit your face at the right areas through highlighting and bronzing will make all the difference in pictures. The model has professionals doing her makeup for the ad.
At the end of the day, most makeup ads can try to sell a product by saying there is no retouching, but it could still be touched in other ways convincing women that this is what they can look like if they use the company`s product. And it will sell because almost every woman will want to look like the models on the ad. We must remember these are models professionals hired to look perfect to sell us a product and there are professionals behind the scenes making them look like that one way or another whether digitally or not.

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