Unraveling the secrets to having a fat BELLY

- Do not drink liquids during meals

It is a fact! Liquid during meals makes the digestive process much more difficult and helps in the formation of gases that also prevents the intestine works well cause an instant bloating. All this contributes to much and you not only have as you can not get rid of the famous `belly`.

- Fibers and further fibers everyday

The fibers are the second secret to winning a flatter tummy! They accelerate the digestion and placed in the bowel axes! So your metabolism speeds up and the result need not say which is right ?! Lisinha belly in no time! It is worth investing in fiber at every meal of the day, and it gives preference to whole foods and fruits like orange and mango.


- Thermogenic

The thermogenic are very handy for those wanting to gain the perfect abs because they help speed up the caloric expenditure beyond direcionarem burning in specific areas such as hips, belly and butt. The effectiveness of thermogenic like hibiscus tea, cinnamon and ginger has been proven by studies and just consume small amounts daily to see results. It needs to match consumption with exercise.

- Located Gymnastics

It is not for nothing that many people have trouble losing belly! The fat located in this region is usually the easiest way to gain and harder to lose and so combine the consumption termogêncios with practice localized exercise helps cut to the chase.

- Posture

Something as simple as maintaining posture poe also help a lot to win the perfect abdomen, because by keeping your back straight and abs contracted you better silhouette and your discipline muscle.

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