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I found out my exams results and I^couldn`t be happier... I didn`t study anything for any of the exams, history and portugueses and I had a 14 at both, I`m really happy... When did my exams I was so... I don`t know, I was feeling so desperate and so miserable... I just, I wasn`t going through a bad stage and everytime I looked at the freaking book to study I just couldn`t, I was so powerless... I can`t even describe... i was hopping to have something like a 5 or 6 at both, but I eded up with that 14 which is obviously nothing to comapred tot hose who had 17, 18 or 19 of course, but I didn`t need more, that was enough...

My goal now is law...
I don`t want to be a lawyer or aything, but you know as a f4iend of mine told me "sometimes we have to take a risck with our degrees" and everyione keeps telluing me that I would be good at law so right now it`s law that i`m going to chose, I don`t know if I`m going to like it, but I know that it`s the degree that better "fits" to me...

I`m scared about making the wrong choice, but I`, scared most of the time so right now I just want to let thing be their own way =)! I`m scared, excited, i^don`ty know... Any tips for a freshmen eheheheh ;D

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