Universal`s Islands of Adventure =)

5 years ago

When I arrived at Orlando, Florida the first stop we went to was <em>Universal Studios Florida</em>. I had an enjoyable time there and the next day we woke up earlier to head to <strong>Universal`s Islands of Adventure</strong>. There is a lot more to see here that interests me and I love how there is more roller coaster rides as well for my best friends to enjoy. I am not a fan of roller coasters but I did went on one though so my money didn`t completely go to waste.

The view itself was fantastic. I love how everything looks and how everything was built. All I wanted to do was just snap snap snap with my camera. I had a lot more photos than what I posted but then that will be too much so I picked out a few to show you all of my experience here.

<ol><li><strong>"The Hulk"</strong> is a ride I didn`t participate in. Just looking at the ride frightened me LOL (I am a scaredy cat) but my best friends said the ride was awesome. My guy friend and I just waited and rested while they were on line waiting to get on LOL</li>
<li><strong>"Wolverine"</strong> was just a picture I took of since I really love how it looks.</li>
<li><strong>"River Adventure"</strong> was a water ride. It`s not a ride where you get extremely wet but semi-wet.</li>
<li><strong>"Hogwarts Sign"</strong> lead me to my favorite part of this theme park. Harry Potter<3 I love Harry Potter so this was so fun visiting a place so similar to the movie itself.</li>
<li><strong>"Hogwarts School"</strong> was a ride I didn`t get to go on. The ride takes you around the corridors of the school itself but the line was ridiculously LONG, like a 3 hour wait so I didn`t even bother. Maybe some other time when I go back to Florida.</li>
<li><strong>"Hogwarts Train"</strong> is taking me to the school... LOL!</li>
<li><strong>"The Circus McGurkus Cafe"</strong> was just a picture I took of. I took a ride that took me around this area which passed through this cafe.</li></ol>

I went on a ride also called the <em>Dragon Challenge</em> that I didn`t take a picture of since it was a roller coaster ride. It was pretty scary for me but it was exciting at the same time LOL. Overall, I had a blast and will totally love to revisit here again. I am happy that I got to buy myself some items which I will be showing you on in a later post.

<em>Have you ever been to Islands of Adventure?
Will you like to visit here?</em>

(All images belongs to me, please do not take or use. Thank you)
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