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5 years ago

While I was in Florida, my best friend who lived there planned for us to go to Orlando to go to Universal Orlando. Inside Universal, there is diifferent theme parks and the first one we decided to go to is <strong>Universal Studios Florida</strong>. At this particular theme park, you get to go behind the scenes, be apart of movies and see things live. I took many photos but I am only showing you the ones I actually got to see and take part in.

We got there pretty late so many of the attractions was closed already which I was sad about, so whatever we could have taken a part in we went in. <Strong>**Click on photos for better quality**</strong>

<ol><li><strong>"Shrek 4D"</strong> was the first attraction I went into when I got there. Basically we get to see a short film of the Shrek in 3D and when we are placed in the seats, we see, hear and actually feel the action as moving seats, water, wind, and mist according to the scenes during the movie.</li>
<li><strong>"The Simpsons Ride"</strong> was pretty interesting. We are basically seated and it takes us on a roller coaster ride without actually moving anywhere. The seat moves and in front of us we see images from a projector that looks and feel extremely real like we were actually on a ride.</li>
<li><strong>"Homer Simpson"</strong> was in this moving van driving around and when I wanted to snap a picture of him, he posed for me LOL!</li>
<li><strong>"Twister"</strong> was one of my favorite attractions of them all. Twister is based on a movie where people faced a horrible tornado attack. While watching how it feels for the people filming it, it felt very real when the tornado, lightning, elecitricity breaking, fire, etc. was shown right in front of me.</li>
<li><strong>"Fear Factor Live"</strong> was an awesome show. I love seeing stunts shown right in front of me. Even audiences volunteer to do some stuff, and there was this group of people where they had to drink some nasty mixed stuff and all they got was... a cup. I will never done it for just a cup LOL!</li></ol>

Even though I only got to stay there for about 3 hours, I still had a good time. I wish we were able to go there earlier because there was much more I wanted to see but it`s okay.

<em>Have you ever been to Universal at Florida before?
Would you like to visit here some day?</em>

(All images belongs to me, please do not take or use. Thank you)
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