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3 years ago

Adjarian Khachapuri

I wanted to share with you all some Georgian/Armenian cuisine.

I`m Armenian and every time I get a chance to visit Armenia, I try to enjoy one of my favourite dishes called Khachapuri!

Khachapuri is basically a savory pastry dish involving cheese, eggs and dough. There are a couple of different variations on it, but my favourite version is probably Adjarian khachapuri.

This dish can be pretty heavy since there is a lot of cheese and butter involved, so I`m glad it`s not something I regularly indulge in! However, I recently heard about a Georgian restaurant in Toronto that serves Adjarian Khachapuri, so my family and I went for dinner to eat some of the food we are familiar with.

I haven`t had this dish in over 3 years (the last time I got to visit Armenia), so I was excited to have it. (It`s difficult to master despite it`s simplicity, so I`ve never made it at home).

They take some dough and create this boat shape. Inside they use lots of cheese and butter and bake it. Near the end of the baking process, they crack an egg on top and finish it off. The cheese is not like regular cheese, but instead is like a cross between a feta and haloumi cheese. It`s a lot saltier than regular cheese, but it`s crumbly like feta so it melts really well.

You are supposed to take chunks of the bread from the outside, dip it in the egg and cheese and then eat the middle.

It was great to share with my family since it can be really filling, but it was a great start to the meal :)

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