Unii Palette (plus Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV depotting)

About a month ago, I received a Unii palette to review. I was so excited to try this out since it`s one of the All Stars of the YouTub beauty community. Then I started looking at my makeup collection, what makeup was I willing to destroy to depot the makeup pans and transfer them into my empty Unii palette? Not my MAC shadows, I love seeing their individuals little pots. Definitely not my ELF palettes, they`re always travel friendly. So, for a month, Unii sat and waited.

Moving on to my destruction project performed yesterday. As I was tidying up my "work" area, I kept moving my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV around like it was junk and constantly in my way. I had won this palette early in the year from Beautylish, and even though I was super excited, it sat, unopened, untouched and forgotten up until yesterday. If I never use this palette because of its over sized, unnecessarily bulky packaging then it is the perfect victim for a depotting project to fill my Unii palette!

There was no dainty way of depotting this palette, I pretty much just tore it up, all while being gentle so as not to disturb the eyeshadow pans. The pans are very flexible, so I used a mini crow bar to lift the pans from the glue and cardboard they were attached too. This was the most time consuming, lifting at all the edges and sides, slowly. If you are too aggressive you can end up bending the pans and cracking the shadows. I must say though, this was a very sturdy palette! Took me about an hour to rip it all up and get the shadows out.

I also took some time to grab my sticky labels, measure them to the eyeshadow pans, label all the shadows and then placed them into my Unii palette (in alphabetical order). The Unii palette has a magnetized base so the metal pans sat in there securely, but if your pans are not metal the Unii palette comes with a magnetic sheet the same size of the interior of the palette so you can measure and cut out your own sticky magnets for your makeup.

Overall I LOVE my Unii palette and I love how easy it is to access these beautiful Urban Decay eyeshadows now! These palettes are one size but come in six different shades; honeysuckle, turquoise, pear, lavender, crystal and midnight. The palettes are $29 each, 2+ palettes ship free on their website (within the US), and if you buy 3 they are $27 each, buy 4 or more and get them at $25 each!
Approx. $30 on http://Amazon.com

*Product(s) mentioned were received for trial and review; these are my honest opinions

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