Unicorn Poop Cookies - The More Sparkling and Colorful Cookies Ever

5 years ago

Prepare yourself to see the more magical, colorful, full of sparkle and glitter ever that could only come from a creature with equal features : a unicorn!
Ok, not really. These are "Unicorn Poop Cookies" and they have the name because they are inspired on unicorn and all the rainbows&glitter the unicorn brings that are then shaped into what seems like a unicorn "gift" lol
They are actually sugar cookies ( see the recipe in the picture) and then have separate doughs made with different food dye to make the different colors. Its kind like rainbow cake if you have seen it before, but instead of cake its a cookie. After that,the cookie is decorated accordingly to the unicorn type.

They are very funny cookies and i think i would try one but i don`t think they are the most healthy cookie, considering all the dye it requires. Still, the person that made them deserves congrats, they are very original and funny.

<strong>Have you seen these cookies before? Would you eat them?</strong>

(Pictures from the source)

Source link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Unicorn-Poop/

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