Unhitched The Best Man (2005) Movie Review

Sunday`s are my day off aka resting.. being lazy (well for now since the semester just begun like two weeks ago) so I watched a movie on Netflix. I decided to watch <strong>Unhitched</strong> because it sounded interested plus I liked Hitch with Will Smith but unfortunately they aren`t related at all [well the theme is both about love, yes but not the same characters.]

This movie "Unhitched" by the title and photo of the movie .. [may the best man win] type of movie... where two guys are fighting over the beautiful girl except one of the guys doesn`t really love the girl and is marrying the girl while the other is heads over heels of her [but the one marrying her doesn`t know his own friend and best man is crushing on her]! Being the good guy in this movie wasn`t so bad. =)

Watch to find out what happens... I`m not good at explaining nor do I pay attention to the characters names. But overall: I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend this movie if you`re someone with a sense of humor and enjoy romance movies.

<strong>Have you watched Unhitched? What did you think of the movie? If not, is this a movie you would watch?</strong>

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