Unexpected class break = FOOD TIME!

5 years ago

well tuedays suck for me,
i have class from 8am straight to 11:10am then 12:40 to 5pm
so when my student senate class ended a half our early and my vocals lessons were canceled for the day i used my extra hour to run back to my dorm and grab a bite to eat!

Now i bet you`re wondering, what does a crafty college gal with an extra hour added to her day eat?
that`s right FROSTED MINI WHEATS!!
i LOVE cereal, right now there are 5 boxes of Cereal in my cupboard all of which i`ve had a few bowls out of.

Here`s my cereal list:
Mini Wheats
Special K
Corn flakes
Honey Nut Cheerio`s!
I also have half a bag of Honey bunches of oats too

I am a definite cereal addict! it`s the fastest easiest thing to have before class in the morning, or in between classes especially on days like today!
the weather is SUPER nice so i have been taking as much time between classes to spend outside as possible, so i`m starving!

<strong>Conversation Starters</strong>
1. What is your favorite snack?
2. What do you like to do when you have extra time?

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