Unexpected Chinese food for Din-din

4 years ago

This is what I had for dinner about two weeks ago. It was rather unexpected because I had planned on one meal and the food I purchased (from my local Lebanese bakery) was misplaced by my boyfriend. He actually sent it home with a member of his family because he misunderstood what I said. Anyway! When I was going thru ideas as to what we could eat since my original plan was tossed out the window he suggested Chinese food. He had been wanting it for a few weeks and I was like, alright. I ended up ordering the chicken and broccoli with steamed white rice. It`s one of the healthier options at a Chinese restaurant and the food at my local Chinese restaurant is the freshest and it`s always good. I also ordered a small side of pea pods in oyster sauce. These are seriously delicious! One of my favorite sides at a Chinese restaurant ever! My boyfriend had ordered his plate of food and since we were over $20 I was able to get a free eggroll. Woo for free eggrolls!

My plate looks packed, and it was, but that`s 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of chicken and broccoli, 2/3 cup pea pods in oyster sauce and half an egg roll. Deliciousness!

What is your favorite dish to get when ordering Chinese?

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