Underworld: Awakening 3D (2012) Movie Review

Freaking $14 dollars for a 3D movie ticket. I haven`t been to the movies in ages.. every since when my boyfriend and I first started dating which was <em>5 years ago</em>, lol. While at the mall, our friend wanted to watch <strong>Underworld: Awakening 3D</strong> and since my boyfriend and I weren`t so interested she treated us and said it would be good since she`s watched the previous Underworld movies.

OMG, totally not my movie type [I`m more of a romance and comedy]. This movie is about when humans discover the existence of vampire and lycan groups and they try to study it... then a war happens with the two groups. It`s kind of confusing to explain cause I didn`t watch the previous movie but that`s the main over view of the movie "vampires & lycan".

The movie had too much bluff then action in my opinion. I wasn`t feeling the movie until the end.. when the movie ended, I thought it was the start of the movie because the beginning felt like NOTHING.

I totally did not enjoy the movie and thought it was a waste of money. 3 people ended up being $42, on top of that they said to recycle the glasses, psh! I think we deserve the 3D glasses for paying $42!

<strong>Did you watch Underworld: Awakening 3D? What did you think of it?</strong> I feel that this movie would attract those who like vampire like movies. I sure don`t! This is an action/fantasy/horror movie.

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