Underwater Hotel: You have to DIVE to enter!

4 years ago

Check out this unique hotel named Undersea Lodge. The name is fitting, since it is located UNDERWATER. You have to scuba dive in order to reach your room! <bold>The hotel is actually 21 feet below the surface, so you`ll have to do a bit of swimming to arrive at your destination. </bold>

The room features a 42-inch window, enabling the visitor to peek into the water. <b>You will most likely be able to spot many creatures, since this location is home to MANY wildlife animals.</b> For example: fish, oysters, sponges, and coral reef thrive in the water.

Located in Florida, this room runs for only $500/night. While that is on the expensive side, I think this is a once-in-a-life-time experience you can never forget!

*fun fact: The hotel originally served as a research facility in the 1970s.. cool!

- Would you want to stay in this hotel?
- Do you think this hotel is safe?

*photos do NOT belong to me, source linked below!!*

Source link: http://www.unusualhotelsoftheworld.com/JulesUnderseaLodge

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