Underwater Boxing!

<em>Are you a water person? What if underwater sports exist like <strong>underwater boxing</strong>? Would you want to try it out?</em>

This isn`t a real sport for many reasons because no one can stay underwater for a long period of time, the hits won`t hurt as much because we`re in water and overall it would be hard to play/watch plus what are you supposed to do with the boxing ring? Throw it in the ocean? However if this was a real sport [which it has been] it would be pretty cool to witness.

But, I know I can`t hold my breath under water so I wouldn`t be able to box underwater unless I box then dive up for some air then back down, lol. The only dangers of underwater boxing would be that you can drown or a shark comes and attacks you.. nothing else whereas real boxing you can be physically injured if someone punched you in the face hard or your teeth can be knocked out.. or worst!

<strong>Would you want to try underwater boxing? Have you ever boxed underwater at a swimming pool or something?</strong>

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Source link: http://drewhammond.deviantart.com/art/More-Womens-Underwater-Boxing-93024058

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