Undercover Culprit - Why YOU could be breaking out!

3 years ago

Acne. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples embedded deep into your skin. Gross, right? But you wash your face every night, (or at least try to!) drink plenty of water and get, eh, almost enough sleep. You eat pretty healthy too. So what on earth could be causing that mini-galaxy on your face?

I`m no skin-expert, but I am aware of the various causes of acne. After years of trial and error, I have finally come to the conclusion that I will never be 100% on top of my skincare. There is always a splurge in chocolate, a late night with my friends and my hormones to blame for the newest blemish. BUT, if I can try to prevent it, I do. Almost every make-up guru you see are uploading videos, blog posts, and tweets washing their makeup brushes. `Here is how-to,` `These are the products to use,` etc. Chances are, you probably already know that washing your make-up brushes will reduce the build up of make-up gunk. But have you ever considered how often, or important it is that you should?

If you can, try to wash your brushes every 2 weeks. You don`t need to use a high end make-up brush cleaner specific to the type of brushes you have. All you need is face wash, your hands and some warm water. Wash each brush that you use gently, by rubbing the bristles against your palm into your face wash, or you can even use soap. To wash my brushes, I use Cetaphil. I got it for about $10 at Target.

Washing your brushes every 2 weeks will keep your pores from clogging, acne from forming as well as fine lines and wrinkles. PREVENT getting acne, instead of spending more to cure it.

Source link: http://www.newhealthguide.org/Painful-Pimple.html

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