Under Eye Veins

6 years ago

Ive always had the same problem with my eyes. I have blue veins under my eyes that constantly show up especially when i`m tired. It`s terrible ! They make my under eye bags more apparent and i look 5 years older then i really am which is really not going to work for my advantage in the long run. I`ve tried tons of different brands of concealer to try to cover them but nothing will completely hid them, now i`m onto trying eye creams. Right now I`m using Lacome Regenerie however it hasnt made a drastic difference.

Does any one have any good concealer to recommend or eye cream ? Or am I forced to go as far as laser procedures ? :(

Source link: http://www.mydarkcirclesblog.com/2007/02/06/why-veins-under-eye-become-larger-and-visible-when-your-nose-congested/

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