Unconditional Surrender Statue a Permanent Landmark of San Diego!

I remember back in 2007 when my boyfriend took me to look at this huge <em>Unconditional Surrender Statue</em> that was placed on San Diego`s waterfront is now going to be a permanent landmark of San Diego! A few weeks ago, this "loaner" statue was going to head back to where it belongs until petitioners helped save this statue. How? The Midway Museum helped raised awareness and in donations of over $1 Million dollars was received in a "Save the Kiss" campaign to keep the statue from going anywhere. However, this statue will be going to New Jersey for restoration and back to San Diego shortly with a permanent bronze copy. A bronze copy will cost $1,140,000! Seward Johnson corporation also makes other versions too: $542,500 for styrofoam, $980,000 for aluminum. I can`t wait to see San Diego`s new bronze copy!

This is a 25 foot, 6,000 pound sculpture of a sailor and nurse kissing to mark the end of World War II. This is a sculpture of an actual couple from V-J day in Times Square photograph. (As you can see in the last photo).

For Memorial Day, my parents and I went to Seaport Village and San Diego Harbor. It was my parents` first time seeing this huge sculpture -- they really enjoyed it and I took photos of them. I think this sculpture is perfect for the area.

<strong>Do you have any cool statues like this in your area?</strong> The only downside is its hard to actually take a nice photo since the statue is SO big and you will look tiny but that`s what makes it pretty cool.

It was a real nice day out on the San Diego Harbor. Clear skies, sunny-- ton of people. I hope you all have a great Memorial weekend! :)

Photos via Mine except for the last one, source link provided below.

Source link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Legendary_kiss_V%E2%80%93J_day_in_Times_Square_Alfred_Eisenstaedt.jpg

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