Umi at Richmond center`s new dining terrace

4 years ago

Not too long ago, Richmond center opened up their new food court that replaced the old Sliver city theater and made the space brand new again. It was the talk of the town! Everyone just went there to see the new place and I must say that it is very pretty :). It screams IKEA to me but it is nice. The bad thing is it has very limited choices since its only one sided compared to before where it was two sides of the mall. The food choice wasn`t that great, it was just the same old fast food restaurants with a new-ish look. The only place that intriguing to me was this Japanese restaurant called Umi. Now I have never heard of such place but i do like their concept.

Their logo is this calming leaf green with a eco look to their place. Their tables in the back are made out of wood and they have chic little white chairs for those that want to sit in their little bar area (no alcohlic drinks though). The place is really big compared to a lot of the other restaurants, they actually have a little drink and dessert bar which i forgot to take pictures of >_<. DOHH~

Why this Umi place peeked my interest was that they make sushi by order. They do have boxed sushi already but you also have the choice of taking a little form and tic-ing off the items you want and they will make it for you a la minute! There`s really nice :D. And on the far right side, you can see a man making fresh udon so you are guaranteed that they are serving you fresh udon too! Their udon bowls cost about $7-$9 depending on what you order but I don`t find that too bad. My boyfriend and I might have ordered the must boring item on their whole menu but it wasn`t too bad.

Their decor is very chic, simple and clean. I love it :). And I love their lighting too! If you look closely, their lights are all shaped like shells. Thats their logo in the back I believe, some interesting swiggle.

My little condiments; getting ready to eat :). They have my sriracha sauce, some Japanese spices for rice and some standard soy sauce.

So we ordered the beef teriyaki since it had a little bit for $7.99. Not bad :). There was a little side of edamame, two California rolls, some other type of sushi LOL, vegetable tempera, some sushi rice with beef teriyaki and a side of pickled ginger and wasabi. Everything was pretty average but I like that I don`t have to eat just burgers all the time when i go to a food court.

Right at the last minute, i grabbed a little box of sushi since I was about to order a udon bowl but I didn`t really believe that we could finish it :/ so I got a little box of sushi too :). This one was called "Green Dragon Roll". Lol that`s not the most appealing name but I can understand why they called that. This type of sushi is just like a California roll, seaweed wrapping the fillings and rice surrounding it on the outside. The inside has avocado and cucumber and on the top is some BBQ eel with more avocado. Honestly I didn`t really have any time to think so I just grabbed one that had avocado on the top LOL. I love my avocado :), so yummy and buttery and good for you too! This was average too, nothing special.

My receipt. I must say though the wait for my food was a little bit long, it was about 15 mins. For a food court place, that felt like forever! My boyfriend was getting restless waiting LOL. He came back to me and was like OMG that was at leaaasstt 20 minutes! UGH! I had to show him the receipt to prove to him that it was 15 minutes just to calm him down HAHA.

Last but not least! Dessert! Yes we did get a three course meal at Umi. We were just sitting on their little bar area and I saw a lot of people ordering these so it peeked my interest. These were advertised for $3.99 so it wasn`t so bad! You got three flavors of "ice" to choose from, mango, green tea and taro. Naturally me and my boyfriend shy away from taro since its always just powdered and unnatural flavored so it was down to green tea or mango. We agreed on mango and the fun started from there. I believe they actually make their own "ice" and they put it in a giant machine that rotates the ice and shaves it really nice and thin. Whats different about this shaved ice is the texture. It isn`t like shaved ice at all, its kind of like a cross breed of sorbet and frozen yogurt! Not dry at all but a little bit too sweet for both of our liking. They had this whole bar where you can choose what toppings you want. The package included 3 toppings and 1 sauce. We tried the rainbow jellies which the guy recommended since he said it tasted like gummy bears. We also got some pock and some sugar squishy things which i forgot the name of. To top off the mountain of sweetness, we had some condensed milk! My favorite! We sat down and wow :). We were happy. The mango was yummy but all together, everything was wayyy too sweet. We got too sickened by this dessert not too long after but I was a trooper and ate it all :).

Overall this was a fun experience but I will not be running to Richmond center just to eat here. This would be a first choice if i was in Richmond center`s food court since everything else there was just burgers and fries but yeah, average.

*All pictures are mine*

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