Ultra High Resolution Photos Of Famous Paintings

6 years ago

HAL9000 from Italy takes super high quality high resolution photos of famous art works. As you can see by the image I uploaded, it is extremely detailed. Back in 2007 HAL9000 took a 16 billion pixel photo of Leonardo da Vincis The Last Supper. But one of the more recent images, Botticellis La Primivera, consists of 28 billion pixels! These are the arts works you can view in super high resolution:
So far, there are ten works viewable on the site:
Da Vincis Last Supper
Da Vincis Annunciation
Botticellis The Birth of Venus
Verrocchio & Leonardos The Baptism of Christ
Gaudenzio Ferraris Life Stories of Christ
Pontormos Deposition
Agnolo Bronzinos Elanor of Toledo
Francesco Paolo Michettis The Daughter of Iorio
Caravaggios Bacchus
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Source link: http://www.linesandcolors.com/2010/10/04/haltadefinizione-high-resolution-art-images/

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