Ultimate Nail Tag

1. When did your nail passion start?
Mine "nail passion" started in about 6th or 7th grade when I started painting people`s names on my nails every week.
2. When did you start growing your nails long?
My nails have always been long, I just cut them whenever. But I`ve never had the habit of biting them so I never keep short nails.
3. What are the secrets to growing long natural nails?
DO NOT BITE THEM. And maybe an occasional strength polish.
4. Do you like long or short nails?
I like both, I don`t have a problem with either of them.
5. Which do you prefer most - acrylic, gel, fiberglass, or any other nail enhancement?
I don`t do any of that. I like natural.
6. Do you prefer false nails or natural nails?
Umm, ^^ natural.
7. What nail shape do you like best - round, square, pointy, squoval?
I guess mine are round.
8. What nail polish brand do you love the most?
I like China Glaze :)
9. If you were stuck on an island, what would be 3 nail items you would bring?
Well my nails would be my last worry if I was stuck on an island, but I would bring a white polish, nail art pens, and a holographic polish.
10. Why do you love nail art? And how did you get started doing nail art?
I love nail art because I can be creative, and people can still see it. I got startede when one day, I saw all these different designs and I just decided to try it and it was fun so I just continued doing it :)

Feel free to do this if you want! :)
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