ULAK Knox Armor Series for Apple iPhone 6+ Review

This is one of the newer cases ULAK released for the Apple iPhone 6+, called Knox Armor Series. This case is very comparable to the popular well-known brand Otterbox but for just a fraction of the price! This is a more bulky phone case because it is heavy duty and extremely durable! This phone case is made out of polycarbonate hard shell + flexible TPU inner core dual layer protection from drops and scratches and only $10.99 plus free shipping on Amazon!

- Affordable at $10.99 plus free shipping!
- You have color choices from blue, green, pink (which I have) or black!
- Phone case fits seamlessly with no gaps (which is a huge plus because I`ve tried other cases before where the alignment was off or the ports don`t line up properly)
- All ports are accessible
- Easy to use/install

In between:
- Since the ports are all accessible, there is a flap where when your ports aren`t in use the ports aren`t exposed. I find it a slight hassle to open/close the flap to use your headphone/charge your phone but that`s just me. Others like the flap because it`ll keep the dust out.

- Since I have a temper glass, I had trouble pressing on the display sometimes but I believe if you don`t have a temper glass you will not experience any problems

Overall: I have not had any problems with this case besides the pressing on the display sometimes due to having a tempered glass. I feel that my phone is very secure, safe with this phone as I have dropped it and experienced no damages with my phone! This is a great heavy duty phone case to have and would recommend! Also available for other Apple/Samsung models. Not interested in a heavy duty case? Don`t worry ~ ULAK has tons of phone cases/tech accessories to offer.

Disclaimer: I received this phone case for reviewing purposes. No compensation was received in exchange for my unbiased 100% honest opinion. I have previously purchased cases from ULAK with my own money before.

Interested in this case? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZQLMB7I?ref_=pdp_new_dp_review

(Photos belong to me!)

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