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4 years ago

It had been over a year since I last ran out of my favorite Lush mask and I really thought I could probably do without it. I tried finding more affordable alternatives, using up the ones I already had, but my skin extremely missed the mask of magniminty.

So I finally gave in and made a Lush online purchase. But being the cheapskate that I am I decided to purchase from the UK site rather than the US one because the UK prices are much cheaper.

I already knew that I wanted to get a face mask but once I was on the site I couldn`t contain myself so I decided to see what else I could add to my cart.

Lush products can be hit or miss so what I did was pull up makeupalley (which is my best friend when it comes to product research) and entered the names of the products I was interested in.

I ended up purchasing 4 products for around $40 USD (including tax and shipping) which is much less than what I would had paid had I gone to a Lush store or ordered from the US site.

What I ordered:

**Mask of Magniminty- - This mask is what my face craves come Summer. It instantly refreshed my skin and clears up my acne. It also has a yummy mint scent that I love because it reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream. PRICE: 3.96 GBP for 125 g = $6.16 USD (saved $5.79)

**Grease lightning spot treatment- according to many people, this works wonders. And although I am obsessed with my Clean and clear popped pimple spot treatment, I thought I could give this a try as well. What I love is that it contains Tea tree oil and witch hazel which are two natural products that I love. PRICE: 4.71 GBP for 45g = $7.34 USD (saved $5.61)

**Ultrabland- I am not sure why I bought this but I think it was because I thought I wasn`t going to love my Simple face cleanser (which I do love) but I heard this works great for removing eye makeup (which makes me mad that I just bought an eye makeup remover yesterday). I think I am going to use it instead of makeup wipes. All you need to do is use one of those cotton pads, add a little bit of this and remove all your makeup with it. Its said to be great for sensitive skin. PRICE: 5.38 GBP for 45g = $8.38 USD (saved $7.57)

**Ocean salt- This product has been on my wishlist for like forever. I decided to order this because I ran out of my body scrub and I figured this could be good for both body and face exfoliation. My husband used it last night on his face and he loved how it feels but a little went into his mouth and it was very salty according to him lol. PRICE: 5.63 GBP for 100g = $8.77 USD (saved $11.18)

Shipping was only 5.95 GBP = $9.26

UK LUSH SITE TOTAL: 25.62 GBP = $39.91

How much it would have been through the US site (including shipping)= $66.80

Total saved: $26.89

My point is don`t be afraid to order from overseas. I ordered my package last Tuesday and received it in less than one week through Royal Mail! That`s usually how long it takes to receive from the US site (if not longer). You definitely do save a lot of money! All you need to do is pull up which is a currency converter to find out how much the GBP equal in USD.

Have you ever ordered from the LUSH UK site?

Exchange rate: 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.63 British Pounds

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