Ugg boots (Ugi, ugg, boots) - boots, boots with a flat sole made of tanned sheepskin on the inside lining of combed wool. Ugg boots can be as well as shoes.Over the last decade, ugg boots have become very fashionable.To date they have in the wardrobe of the most famous fashionistas in Hollywood, and they got to this country, where he became one of the most popular types of footwear.What makes them so attractive? First of all, it is the quality of the tailoring. Ugg boots perfectly fit a leg, they are very comfortable. Ugg boots are more like socks, as they are very soft, warm, and do not rub. Their thermal properties we would like to be treated separately. Thanks to the quality of Australian wool boots, keeps the heat in the winter (to-34C) and breathable and cool in the summer (up to +24 C). Thus, even in extreme cold your feet will not get cold in the spring and summer will not sweat. The flat bottom of your foot gets tired, and in the winter you will not slip on the ice, because the sole is thick enough at ugg boots, with good relief.The only thing is to remember those who want to buy ugg boots - they are afraid of wet weather (rain, snow) and dirt (especially bright ugg boots). But if you want, you can buy special waterproof ugg boots and the necessary tools to clean his boots.Ugg boots can be worn by both women and men, and, of course, children.What are ugg boots?Classic ugg boots is very diverse in color. This may be a practical black, pink, gray, black, walnut, purple, etc. They can be bright, pastel, decorated with crystals and ornaments.Unusual and stylish at present considered to be knitted ugg boots. They are very original in appearance, instead of skin they are made from knitted wool, and in the same high-quality sheepskin. The color scheme of knitted ugg boots are very versatile and meet the most sophisticated requirements. For all their strangeness is quite inexpensive model.Uggs with designs are becoming very popular. These boots with oriental ornaments of gold or silver shades and suitable for any style of clothing.Ugg boots with a button - new 2009-2010 season. They differ from the classic special softness of boots and, of course, the original manufacturer of a button with the logo - UGG Australia.Kids Ugg boots - a very practical and comfortable. Your baby`s legs are in absolute comfort in soft boots, they are easily cleaned and dried.Slightly apart in the model lineup are Ugg boots with a leopard pattern or zebra. Animal lovers motives, they surely will like. These ugg boots can be worn under a dress and a pair of jeans.Many manufacturers began to produce and home ugg boots - sneakers, which also uses the best merino wool.In general, all the ugg boots are versatile and can be worn in any season, for any clothes to wear, walk in them in the shop and glamorous parties. Thus, the success ugg boots have earned a well-deserved, and will long remain a fashion trend all over the world.

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