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Hi everyone. I`ve been wanting to go to Nordstrom Rack for a while now since I`ve been reading about some posts of some great makeup products peoples been seeing and picking up from there so I decided to go there and check it out myself. While there I did see the Lorac palettes, the ones that look like chocolate, 2 different Urban Decay palettes and lots of stila lip products, and also some NARS eyeshadpw palette. I ended up with the UDPP cause I had always wanted to try this and compare this to the TFSI. The price was a steal too, it was only $8.97. At the store I went to there were at least 30 bottles of these left. But too bad it`s in the old packaging so that means that I`ll most likely have to cut the bottle open. And while there I was deciding whether or not I should get one those Urban Decay palttes which were $18.97 each. I ended up not getting them cause there were 2 colors I wouldn`t use and I am planning on getting the Naked Palette 2 which means I`ll have colors that are similar to the Urban Decay palette there. And another reason is that I am saving up my money for a huge haul at the end of this year, something I`ve been wanting to get for a while, so just to be good, I decided as hard as it was to not buy the palette. But I am wondering, this is the first time I`ve been to a Nordstrom Rack, does anyone know if they carry basically almost the same makeup items they sell through each store or are they different from store to store??? I was going to stop by at another Nordstrom Rack today but didn`t afterall cause it was getting late, but I sooo wanted to check it out to see if they carried similar items. Thanks for reading!

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