Udon Noodles in Chicken amp Abalone Flavor

I have been really lazy lately and resorting to some udon noodles that I buy from my local asian market. The flavor I decided to try today is called Chicken & Abalone Flavor. I was curious what abalone is so I looked it up and it`s.. some sort of edible sea snails or marine gastropod molluscs but it`s just "flavor" either way, the noodles did not taste anything like chicken or "abalone".. even though I never tried abalone but from my experience, I don`t think the lighter broth ones are as good as the darker broth ones like beef. But that`s all just the MSG packets that isn`t good to begin with anyway. I do like adding hot dogs in my noodles. If I don`t have hot dogs, I`d put sausage or ham. I love the texture and consistency of the udon noodles and how easy it`s to prepare this!

As far as repurchasing? Not a flavor I like but I will cause my boyfriend liked this. He doesn`t like the flavors I like and I don`t like the ones he likes. LOL, which comes in handy! =)

Do you like udon noodles?
Have you tried this brand before?

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