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4 years ago

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Instagram makes everything look so much cooler! Haha :)

Anywho, I didn`t know if I should put this under places or entertainment so I went with entertainment because it`s a place you go to enjoy shows, so yeah.

UCB is one of my favorite places to go for improv shows and it`s right next to a chain of great restaurants and shops in Hollywood! We like to go to the free Asscat they have on Sundays at 7:30 and their musical improv shows on Fridays at 11 pm. The musical ones are probably my favorite just because I was a Musical Theatre major but improvisation in any form is bomb.

If you ever want to go to asscat, LINE UP EARLY! Since it`s a free show, it`s super crowded with a ton of hipsters (whoops) but it`s still a good crowd. We try to go and line up around 6/6:30 so that way we get good seats because if you`re not in the front row you`ve got zero leg room; which is fine for me considering I`m under 5 feet but my boyfriend is 6`4 haha. Have any of you ever been to UCB to see a show? If not try to go, there`s one in NY as well!

- Cait

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