U-FIZZ Drink Carbonation Kit

6 years ago

Drink better.

Let`s face facts: soda isn`t that healthy - not nearly as healthy as juice. But juice is boring and soda has fizz. And fizz is fun because it tickles your nose and makes burps. Well, time to break out the science on your bad habits and use some common household ingredients to carbonate your own beverages. So you can turn boring (but healthy) juice into fun (and still healthy) juice! Great for kids (and gamers) who just won`t drink the healthy stuff. With the U-FIZZ Drink Carbonation Kit, you`ll have bubbly beverages in no time.
And the best part of the U-FIZZ Drink Carbonation Kit is how easy it is. We won`t go into too much detail here (you can watch it in the video), but basically you are using baking soda and vinegar to product carbon dioxide (fizz gas) in bottle A. When the carbon dioxide tries to escape, it is forced through the connector tube of the U-FIZZ Drink Carbonation Kit into bottle B containing your fizz-free drink. The carbon dioxide is forced into your flat beverage (a couple minutes of vigorous shaking helps mix the bubbles better into the drink). And that`s it! Your boring juice, cold coffee, cider, urine (just seeing if you were paying attention) is suddenly fun again, all thanks to your U-FIZZ Drink Carbonation Kit and science! Yaay.

U-FIZZ Drink Carbonation Kit

Carbonate any beverage using easy to find ingredients.
Make those kids drink their juice by adding fizz.
Includes: Baking soda cylinder, sleeve, connector tube, and instructions
Not Included (but needed): 16oz of white vinegar, baking soda, beverage, 2 2-liter bottles, funnels (if you want to be tidy).
Baking soda cylinder: 0.75" diameter x 8" tall
Connector tube: 21" long

Source link: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/science/c908/

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