Typical dutch breakfast Chocolate sprinkles with bread.

Hiya luuuxers;

Well im half english and half dutch but living in Spain and also born and raised in Spain..
Pretty confusing LOL but anyways, i try loads of different foods because of that
and one of the most famous breakfasts in Holland is this one.

Basicly what they do is you get a piece of toast or sliced bread.. i usually opt for the
sliced bread, and you put a bit of butter on top, and then u add what they call there
HAGEL SLAG. which is basicly chocolate sprinkles and thats about it!

It may sound a bit weird at first but trust me its AMAZING.. i love it alot but i dont
tend to eat it very much because i usually prefer healthy breakfasts, i normally eat
it when i visit holland which is barly ever, or if i get it as a gift LOL.

*image belongs to me.

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