Two Guys Plot To Castrate Justin Bieber

4 years ago

Two sick and twisted man are out to kill Justin Bieber and his bodyguard. The whole story behind is that Mark Staake and his nephew, Tanner Ruane were requested to do the job by a convicted murderer and rapist, Dana Martin. Obviously, Dana Martin is obsessed with Justin Bieber and has a tattoo on his leg. What in the world right? Mark and Dana both in prison and that`s when the whole plot of killing Justin Bieber came about. Not only that, but Mark and Tanner were to strangle and castrate (remove the p****) Justin and his bodyguard using ties. Now, that`s some freaky stuff there! Everything was supposed to go down at Madison`s Square Garden where Justin did a show there. Luckily Mark was arrested and had a warrants. The cousin did make it to New York with all the murder weapons all in his trunk, but police caught him as well. The crazy part is Dana Martin told the cops about the plot and say Mark and Tanner were going to kill Justin. What a dumba$$! LOL Btw, Dana Martin was arrested for the 2000 murder and rape of a 15-year-old girl in Vermont. SICK! Questionnaire: 1. Are you a Justin Bieber lover? 2. Do you think these people are straight up crazy? Follow, rate & comments. Check source link for credits.

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