Twitter Helps Put Out Fires

5 years ago

The social platform Twitter is typically used by celebrities as personal diaries to update us on what they`re eating, buying, wearing, and etc. But who could have guessed that Twitter could also be used to put out fires? I sure didn`t!

<strong>Twicident</strong> was created by a group at the Netherlands` Delft University of Technology to comb through the site for tweets and other social media platforms for any word of emergencies, such as fires. Then it sends the information to the respective authorities. It sends only the most logistical information, so frivolous texts such as, <strong>"OMGHHKP THE HOUSE IZ ON FIRE!!!"</strong> will not flood the fire department.

<Strong>It has been used successfully by the Dutch police and fire departments for the past ten months. </strong>

When I was reading about this, I had assumed the program was still very, very young. Sure, ten months of use can still be considered young, but I imagined it was still somewhat of a concept in beta testing. At least it has been working for the past ten months! I do find that it is kind of silly because in emergencies, I don`t know who will take the time to tweet versus actually calling the respective authorities. I know that if I were in a fire *knocks on wood* I would use my phone to dial 9-1-1 instead of tweeting, "MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE". <em>But hey, that`s just me..... I guess saving my own life is more important than telling my Twitter followers I`m in a life or death situation....</em>

--What do you think about the fire department using tweets to find emergencies?
--Do you use Twitter?
--Do you like kittens?

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