Twin Time!

let`s take a look at these iconic twins!
Here`s a style break down and how to get these girls looks!
First we have mary-kate and ashley!
These girls religiously follow the motto "go big or go home" when it comes to their looks. they wear bold colors and always manage to make a statement that they WILL be seen no matter where they are,
to get their look you need to:
1)keep it natural! don`t put on too much makeup and keep your hair simple yet NATURAL looking!
2)COLORS! wear bright colors or colors that go well with your skin color.
3)MAKE A STATEMENT! no matter where they are these girls manage to be on the best dressed list and it`s a title well deserved. wear statement pieces like bold jewelry or just let the outfit speak for itself. and remember, confidence makes the BEST statement of all
No for tia and tamera!
these two may look alike but their styles are VERY different.
tia(right) is more reserved while tamera (left) loves making a statement.
how to get their look!
1)natural! tia keeps her hair and makeup simple and natural so to get her look do the same and embrace who you are!
2) neutral. tia doesn`t take many risks for fear of a fashion don`t so she likes to play it safe with simple and clean colors which has always worked best for her!
3)cut! cut on cloths is VERY important. although a mother tia still likes to show a sexier side of her without looking like a playboy candidate so she chooses things that show enough skin to be sexy but also covered up enough to have a bit of modesty
4)the higher the heels the closer to haven! tia LOVES her high heels and with her the higher the better! she may play it safe when it comes to clothing, hair and accessories but when it comes to shoes that`s where she really shines!
1)the bigger the better! tamera LOVES big and glamerous curls so to get her look take a curling wand to your hair and make the curls as round as long as possible!
2)BRIGHT! tamera is a very big risk taker. she always wears bright colors that somehow manage to look amazing!
3)glam! tamera is always seen with a very polished and red-carpet worthy face of makeup. big eyelashes and rosy cheeks with a high gloss lip is the way to go!
4)length. while tia is all about cut for tamera it`s length! she either goes seductively short or extremely long. which either shows off her great legs or adds height to her since she isn`t all about the heel`s like her older counterpart.
So, there`s the twin style rundown! hope you enjoy!

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