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4 years ago

Does anybody have favorite tweezers? Well I do now :). These I bought them at Ross both came as a set for around 5 something (I forgot the price sorry) and let me tell you my eyebrows have never been so well groomed lol. The name of the brand is Earth Therapeutics never seen this brand before that I can remember. I have been searching for good tweezers and I know all the good brands everybody rave about but I just can`t spend 15-20 dollars or more on tweezers. I tend to lose them all the time. Thank god I saw these at Ross. I love the fact that they are stainless steel, very sharp and that it was a set for a very cheap price. I have been using them for three weeks now and I love them I so scored with these. I will tell you I have never owned the pointy tweezers seen them before never tempted to try them. They are mainly to pluck the smallest stubbornest (I don`t know if that`s a word lol) hairs you can`t pluck with the regular tweezers and they so do their job. The regular flat squared tweezers that we all usually use are to pluck longer thicker hairs and we all know you can`t pluck little hairs with those. When you try you end up pinching your skin and that has happened to me. What brand of tweezers do you own? And have you tried the pointy tweezers and what do you think of them? Please leave a comment ....


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