TweezerMan Mini Slant Tweezers!

I always misplace my tweezers so when I was shopping at CVS, I decided to buy myself some new tweezers that I could carry with me in my purse. I decided to splurge on some Tweezerman tweezers and I purchased this mini slanted tweezer for $13.99. I normally wouldn`t but I had ECB that was expiring so I had to buy something. I ended up paying like $8 and that is a well $8 spent. These tweezers are absolutely amazing compared to what I have been using previously, a regular Revlon tweezer. This particular tweezer is sharp, grabs hair perfectly and just easily to use, I absolutely love it and would recommend this! Even though it`s a little more expensive, these would last you and it`s less of a pain to pluck your hairs! =)

Stainless steel
Free sharpening
Slanted tip for perfect grip!
Grabs hair everyime
Lifetime guarantee

More information on the free sharpening if you need your TWEERZERMAN tweezers to be sharper:

<strong>Do you own tweezerman tweezers? Aren`t they awesome?</strong> Now I understand once you go tweezerman, you won`t use other brands!

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