Tuxedo Vortex Dessert Cake

2 years ago

My son requested a Chinese Fruit Topped Cake for his birthday but unfortunately they only had one left and the fruit on it was already starting to show mold, so you know what that means..cake is not fresh. My husband asked if there was another one in the back and he was told that was the only one left so he was left with no choice but to pick out another cake. Hopefully they threw that old cake away. I normally get their cakes at Chinatown and most of the time I make it myself but recently I haven`t been able to do so, that was why I had we had gone to another place to get it. So my husband ended up getting this cake called Tuxedo Vortex. Sorry, I didn`t get to take a picture of the cake before it was cut...lol.. The party got started before I was able to grab my camera.
There are two layers to this cake and the bottom layer was a lighter chocolate and more dense than the top layer. The top layer was a darker chocolate color and more fluffier, lighter and softer in texture. The filling of the cake I guess is just regular buttercream. And I believe it was also iced in vanilla buttercream too. The outer part of the cake was decorated with melted chocolate and a square piece of white chocolate was placed in the center of the cake. This cake wasn`t bad at all. But it wasn`t so good that I would buy it again unless I had tons of guess coming over. The reason being is that this cake was really sweet for my taste. I couldn`t finish the icing myself. My youngest son liked it at the beginning cause he said that it tasted like those chocolate swiss rolls. But after he got his second slice, he couldn`t finish it...lol.. He said it was too sweet. Even my oldest who likes sweet said it was too sweet. I still got left overs sitting in the fridge. I think I`m gonna have to finish it tomorrow cause I don`t want it to go to waste. This cake was around $16. So like I said, unless I have tons of people coming over, I`m not gonna get this cake again. Way too sweet for my family`s likings. I`ll only get this for someone who has a very very very sweet tooth.

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