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If your first drop doesn`t spread out as much as you want, you can gently pull the sides out.
Leave the lids of your polish unscrewed so you can get the drops in quickly.
The vaseline is really good for your cuticles, and it helps with polish removal! If you would prefer to tape, here is a tutorial.
If the water from your tap is too hard the polish won`t spread out, try filtered water.
Make sure your white (or whatever color you want!) base coat is smooth, if it`s streaky or lumpy it will show through after you dip your finger.
I use toothpicks when I marble, but you could use a bobby pin in a pinch.
Wipe the polish off your toothpick in between each "swirl" when you`re marbling to ensure clean lines.
Glitter polish works too, although you`ll find through experimenting some polishes work better than others.
Pull your finger straight out of the water, angles can sometimes cause water bubbles. If you do get some bubbles, try to blow them off, or do what I do and hide them with rhinestones.
A thin angle brush dipped in acetone or polish remover works really well for clean up.
If you drop the polish too high it will fall to the bottom of the bowl.
This is a copy.

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