Tutorial tuesday 731 (DIY 9)

4 years ago

Hey Pretty Girls,

I have so many keys on my keychain and they all look the same! Do you have that same problem? LoL! It drives me crazy.. maybe this could help you too! :)

For your own DIY glitter key, heres what you need:
A key (goes without saying, but figured Id include it nonetheless... LOL)
Glitter of your choice - the size and color are up to you. Mix & match a few different glitters for a unique combo color.
Glue - the stronger the glue, the better, but good old fashioned craft glue should do the trick, too :)

1.Section off the head of the key that youre going to cover in glitter. Tape off the bottom portion that remains so that it stays free and clear of any glue or glitter.
2.Holding the key by the taped end, cover the head of the key in glue.
3.Now apply your glitter to the glued tip. Try doing this in a shoebox or pan so that it doesnt get all over your craft surface.

Thats it! Just allow the key to dry.

Are you pretty girls going to make these?

*I`m really all about trying to be more unique with my style and I love the fact that now a days were about to create things and make it more personal. So Tuesday`s I`ll be posting about doing your own DIY`s and make it more you! Check out the blog`s and websites I`m getting these from for more detailed instructions.

Check out http://elleandblair.com for more...

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