Tutorial tuesday 731 (DIY 7)

4 years ago

Hey Pretty Girls,

I saw this idea on pinterest and on elle and blairs website so I thought I would share it with you girls! :)

I found the cutest idea ever to fix the problem once and for all. Its this Date Night Jar craft and to do it yourself all you need are popsicle sticks, a jar, a sharpie and some ideas. Its basically an easy way to decide what to do when you need to make plans and are feeling indecisive; you write a bunch of ideas out on your popsicle sticks and then draw from it when you need to decide what to do! Like drawing from a hat but a jar LOL. Here are the basic instructions:

1.First, color code your popsicle sticks according to the amount of time, planning, or money that an activity involves. That way, when youre looking at the jar, its easy to choose from only dates that you know you will actually be able to do.
2.With a marker, write a bunch of ideas out on your sticks 1 idea per stick. If you dont have many at first, just keep the sticks and marker somewhere easy to get to so that you when you think of something you can write it down right away. Choose ideas that you actually want to do so that when you draw one, you stick to it. (No pun intended LOL)
3.Fill your jar with all of your date options and decorate it however you want! You can keep the sticks after you use them or toss them, but I would definitely add to the supply whenever you think of something so that the options are always fresh and exciting.

Are you pretty girls going to do this?

*I`m really all about trying to be more unique with my style and I love the fact that now a days were about to create things and make it more personal. So Tuesday`s I`ll be posting about doing your own DIY`s and make it more you! Check out the blog`s and websites I`m getting these from for more detailed instructions.

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