Tutorial tuesday 731 (DIY 6)

4 years ago

Hey Pretty Girls,

I love baking and i love presentation of the food more! I saw this and thought it was so cute! A DIY Cake stand!

1.First, find a lovely candlestick and a pretty plate that you want to use for your stand. Ive found that searching through thrift stores or antique shops is a great way to find unique treasures for this kind of project. (And they might be less expensive there too!)
2.Next, simply wash and dry your candlestick and plate.
3.Use a strong glue to adhere the opening of the candlestick to the bottom of the plate. I found that hot glue worked well for this. And be sure to check that your candlestick is centered when you stick it to the plate!
4.To let it dry, put the plate facedown with the candlestick sticking up, and let it set for at least 1 day to ensure its dry.

Are you pretty girls going to make this?

*I`m really all about trying to be more unique with my style and I love the fact that now a days were about to create things and make it more personal. So Tuesday`s I`ll be posting about doing your own DIY`s and make it more you! Check out the blog`s and websites I`m getting these from for more detailed instructions.

Check out http://ElleandBlair.com for more...

Source link: http://www.elleandblair.com/post/decor-idea-diy-crystal-cake-stand-how-to-guide-elle-fowler-2012

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