Tutorial: Glitter Half-Moon Manicure feat. Spring Colors!

3 years ago

Hello lovely Luuuxers!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring! I know that it is Spring Break for quite a few of you out there, myself included, so I thought I would give a little tutorial on how to do an easy, cute springy manicure!

The colors I used for this tutorial are Essie `Find Me an Oasis` from their Resort 2014 collection, as well as Milani `Sugar High` from their most recent Gold Label collection. I also started off with a clear base coat from Revlon. I bought all of these polishes from CVS, and you can find them at any drugstore that carries these brands!

You can create this look with whatever color/glitter combination you want, but I think this duo looks especially pretty and springlike. To do the shape at the bottom of the nail, I used hole reinforcement stickers that I bought for less than $2 at Target.

Now, here is the tutorial! :)

1. Paint the nails with two coats of whatever shade you please. I chose a creamy sky blue color. Wait for these two coats to dry completely before going to the next step.

2. Place the stickers on your nail so that a small amount of nail is visible above the cuticle. You can make this space as small or large as you want, but mine was about a centimeter wide. I experimented with cutting the top off the stickers, but I found that it was easier to place the stickers when I kept them a circle.

3. Paint with the glitter on the bottom half of the nail, and don`t worry about getting polish on the sticker. Use as many coats as you want for however much glitter you want.

4. Peel off the sticker carefully and smooth everything out with a fast drying top coat!

This is a super easy way to get the `nail art` look without needing a super steady hand, since the sticker gives you plenty of room for error. I like this technique also because it makes it easier to do with my left hand (which I normally stink at).

Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial to achieve this nail look! Would you do a manicure like this yourself?


(images are mine and exclusive to http://luuux.com)

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