Tutorial for a makeup like selena gomez!!

5 years ago

Step 1. Before you begin, it is strongly suggested that you have a clean face. If you don`t already, pick out a daily face cleansing routine. This should consist of a good facial cleanser (Loreal 360, Neutrogena, Clinique, all have great products for facial wash), and a moisturizer. If you have dry skin, it is definitely recommended to invest in a good moisturizer (Such as Clinique or Aveeno`s Positively Radiant moisturizers). You still need one if you have oily skin, but make sure to get one without oil in it. Don`t forget to remove any makeup from the day before. If you don`t have an eye makeup remover, I suggest using vaseline to get eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara off. Be careful not to get it directly into your eyes. Baby oil works great too, especially for eye makeup that is waterproof.

Step 2. If you have blemishes, red spots, discoloration, or dark undereyes, use a good concealer (You can find cheap ones at any store that sells Revlon, Covergirl, etc brands such as Walmart, Target, etc. Over time you`ll want to invest in a higher quality concealer, especially if you need lots of coverage), and apply it where the redness or blemishes are. A good concealer will cover up these trouble spots. Remember if your spots are heavy or noticeable, go for a concealer with coverage. A solid concealer is more recommended than a liquid for coverage. Using your index or ring finger, apply the concealer on your undereyes and dab into the skin. Do not pull or tug, and do not try to rub the concealer around, or the coverage will be lighter.

Step 3. Using your best foundation, (Revlon Colorstay is a GREAT foundation that lasts 16 hours and is a cheap alternative to MAC Studio Fix Fluid) apply to your face. I highly recommend investing in a stippling brush, Coastal Scents has a great one which is also a cheap alternative to MAC, for about $8. If you`ll be using a stippling brush, apply the foundation on the back of your hand or on your brush and dab three times into your face and swirl-blend it until that area is covered. Repeat on the other parts of your face. Remember to blend it out in your jawline and neckline so you do not create any embarassing lines!

Step 4. If you have a bronzer, just take any round brush (however an angled brush is preferred), and tap off your brush on a hard surface (such as table, or the palette) to lose a bit extra since this look is light on bronzer. If you don`t know how to apply bronzer, smile to find the apples of your cheeks (which should be the center) and apply going up, just once. If you need, stroke your brush once more. Do not re-apply anymore unless you can`t see it at all.

Step 5. If you have an eyeshadow primer, apply to your top lids. If you don`t, you can either use a small dab of foundation or pressed powder, just so your eyeshadow has something to "hold on" to. This will help your eyeshadow be brighter and last longer. To begin your eyeshadow, start off with a base color, which will be a silver, white, OR light gray. You can use your finger or an eyeshadow brush, and just blend it all over your top lids. Make sure to blend it out halfway to your brow bone, you don`t want any harsh lines. After that, take a dark gray eyeshadow (you MUST have an eyeshadow brush for this) and apply it to your outer corners. Do not go past your eye, but do not go closer in your eye than half of your eye. Blend this out (in the direction to your nose), and keep blending until you get the look above. This takes a LOT of practice.

Step 6. Using a black eyeliner pencil, line your lower waterline and then your tightline (the top "waterline"). Doing your tightline really makes a noticeable difference, so do not skip this part. Avoid going too far into your tearduct. Then, take a liquid eyeliner or pencil and line it on your top lashline. Keep close to your lashline and make the line slightly larger going outwards.

Step 7. If you have false eyelashes, apply them now. Then, apply a black mascara on your top and lower eyelashes. Optionally, you can fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or eyeshadow if they are uneven or not dark enough. Do use a shade that is a few lighter than your hair color, and do not use too much.

Step 8. It`s recommended to start off with a lipstick of a light pink shade, and then top it off with a lipgloss, preferrably clear.

You`re done!

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