Tutorial: DIY No Sew Camera Bag Insert

Ever since I bought my Canon T3i, I have been looking for a camera bag that would allow me to both protect it and look stylish while doing so. Unfortunately, most of the DSLR camera bags out there were really ugly or really expensive.

So instead, I decided to create a camera bag insert - it`s basically a padded insert that you can remove and place into any handbag. Not only does it cushion and protect my camera, but I can interchange it amongst my larger handbags so I can coordinate the bag with whatever I`m wearing. Not only does it look cute, but it`s extremely practical as well!

I don`t own (or know how to use) a sewing machine, and sewing by hand would take too long so I just hot glue gunned everything together. So here is an easy DIY camera bag insert you can make yourself at home.

1 yard of cloth
Foam padding (I recycled mine from old packing material)
Velcro strips
Hot glue gun
Large handbag
(Optional) Foam poster board- if you want the bottom of your insert to be more sturdy/rigid



1. Measure the length and width of the inside of the bag.
2. For the base: cut out 2 pieces of cloth with the dimensions of the base of the bag plus an extra inch around all edges.
3. For the sides: cut out 2 pieces of cloth for each side plus an extra inch around all edges.
4. For the dividers: cut out 2 pieces of cloth measuring the width of the base plus an additional 2 inches at both ends so you can attach the velcro later. Cut out 2 pieces of cloth measuring half the length of the base plus an additional 2 inches at both ends so you can attach the velcro later.


1. Arrange pairs of cloth pieces so that tops of pattern are facing each other. Basically you want to create a "pocket/pillow" which you will later flip inside out so the seams are hidden.
2. For the sides and base: glue 3 sides of the cloth pieces together. Once dry, flip inside out and stuff foam square into it. Seal open end with glue. Do this for all of 4 sides and the base of the insert. (If you want the base to be more sturdy, stuff a piece of foam poster board in it as support.)
3. Glue together the base and 4 sides.
4. For the dividers: glue together the top and bottom edges, leaving the ends open. Flip inside out and stuff with foam piece. Seal ends with glue and attach "furry" side of velcro strip to excess material.
5. Glue "spiky" side of velcro to insides of bag insert where you want the dividers to be. Insert and attach dividers to velcro.
6. Place your completed insert into your handbag, fill with your gear, and you`re ready to go!

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