Tuscany Candle Fragrance Bars (Christmas)

4 years ago

I am absolutely smitten with wax cubes. I have been buying the ScentSationals and Better Homes And Garden ones that you can buy at Walmart. They cost $2.00. I go crazy sitting in the aisle just sniffing all of the containers. Well, I`ve found a new brand.... Tuscany Candle.

Over the weekend my husband picked up some Candy Corn for me on his way home from work. I had been craving some ever since I did my candy corn manicure. Well, while he was there, at Kroger, he spotted their holiday stuff. Their candy aisle is turned into the seasonal section, too. He knows my absolute favorite holiday smell is Christmas trees. Well, he found one and bought it for me. Today while I was on my way home from a doctor appointment I swung by to pick up a shoe box to store away some of my sons small action figure toys. Of course I had to see if there were more wax cubes. SCORE! They had a crap ton of Christmas ones. I did look for a pumpkin/fall kind but couldn`t find any. Anyway, I picked up three more wax cubes.

From left to right, the scents I now have from this brand are:
-Evergreen & Balsam
-Gingerbread House
-Frosted Cookies

Oh my gosh, they are AMAZING! I was just telling my husband that I wished I had picked up another of the Evergreen & Balsam because I want to make sure I have enough to last me all through the Christmas season in all of my warmers, lol! I`ve already concluded when I do my grocery shopping this weekend I am going to pick up one or two more.

Evergreen & Balsam is a very true, clean, crisp Christmas tree smell. There are some that smell good and reminiscent of a Christmas tree, but not REAL....if that makes sense. This one smells just like the farms we go to and cut down our tree. It reminds me of tromping around on an early December morning, weaving in and out of all of the rows of Christmas trees searching for "the perfect one." If you sniff the air at a Christmas tree farm it is the most clean, strong pine smell ever. This is exactly what I want in my Christmas tree scents.

Gingerbread House reminds me of the smells I expect to find in a grandmother`s kitchen around the holidays. It is sweet yet spicy at the same time. The deeper I inhale, the more I can pick up cinnamon, too. I don`t know why, exactly, but for some reason this scent pulls images of late night Christmas shopping in the snow. LOL, I have absolutely no idea why, but if I close my eyes and take a whiff, that is what I see.

Frosted Cookies is hard for me to describe. I expected it to be very sweet and vanilla-esque... something similar to most of the cake batter fragrances out there. While it is very, very sweet it doesn`t have as strong of a vanilla scent as I expected. The vanilla is there but also something with a bit of zip. The best way for me to try and explain is like cream cheese... it is sweet yet has a note of sour to it. I tried to get my husband to see what he picked up when smelling it but he just said "I only smell frosting." LOL

Peppermint is easy. It is exactly what you`d expect to smell from peppermint. It smells like those hard swirled candies or a candy cane. It is cold, almost. It has that frosty chill kind of scent. It is a nice, refreshing, clean kind of smell.

They had several others like a baked apple pie, some kind of berry wreath, etc. These four were the ones that I enjoyed the most. There is also a cinnamon one, which I do think I`ll pick up before Christmas hits. OH, and these run for, basically, the same price. They are $1.99 at Kroger stores.


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