Turtle Plates from Target!

3 years ago

Shopping at Target is one of my weaknesses. I`m much better than I was, say, a year ago, but somehow, this store always takes all my money... haha. I was browsing through the dollar section (honestly, you can find some pretty amazing stuff here!!) and I saw these turtle plates!! If you`ve been on Luuux for some time, you may know about my love for turtles. At $1 for a set of two, I couldn`t pass these babies up.

Yes, these are plastic plates. Yes, they are geared more for children (especially considering the fact that there were matching spoon and fork sets with huge plastic turtle grips...). Did that stop me from getting them? Nope. Only $2 for a set of four plates with turtles on them?? That`s a no-brainer in my book :)

They came in a `set` of two that are shrunk-wrapped together (hence the weird plastic-y looking stuff around the frame of the plates. There were also bowl, which I originally DID pick up, but then later put back. The plates are enough for me, haha.

These will probably be my own everyday plates for regular use. Since I have my own apartment, why not? :) I do have a full dining ware set of regular china plates, too, but I`m thinking these plates will be good for just quick meals and everyday uses.

Also... there were turtle socks in the $1 section, too... and, yes, I did get them :)

*Image is my own!*

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