Turtle Candle Holder!

5 years ago

I went shopping with my Mom last weekend and I was surprised to find that the mall we went to has a Ten Thousand Villages store! I had never noticed it before (we shop there rather often, too, lol) but was very excited because they sell unique items handmade in other countries and they are all fair trade, meaning that the people who make the items work in good conditions, are paid fairly, and are treated well. I had bought some items from Ten Thousand Villages before Christmas at a table set up at my school, so I was very excited so see an actual shop!

My Mom was excited about going into the shop because she saw the things I had bought before Christmas (and had gotten as Christmas gifts for her and others) and she really loved them. The store had a bunch of wonderful handmade goods that were absolutely beautiful! They have everything from jewelry to chocolate, home decor to kitchen utensils. My Mom and I had a fun time browsing through everything!

As we were looking, I noticed that there were some gorgeous turtle candle holders. I am in love with turtles so I decided that I wanted to get one. They are regularly $24 which was a bit pricey for me, but I luckily found one on the clearance shelf marked down to only $8. My Mom and I looked and looked to see why it was marked down so cheaply but we couldn`t find anything wrong with it. We asked the woman who was working the store (she was sooooo super nice!!) and she actually told us that someone had dropped it and the head had come off so it was glued back on. We couldn`t even notice it, lol! So I decided that, just like how I help rescue real life sea turtles in the summertime, I would rescue this turtle from a miserable life of being broken and on the clearance shelf and so I bought him :) You really can`t tell that he was decapitated at one time, lol.

The stone he`s made from is onyx. I had no idea until the woman began explaining it. I never thought onyx looked like that but it`s very pretty! It`s like a greenish/white marble look (onyx sometimes has brown in it, too - mine has it on the bottom). He holds tealights perfectly! Although I don`t know if I would ever actually burn one - I like him as a decoration :)

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