Turquoise Toes!

5 years ago

this is the color i`m currently wearing on my toes and i`m LOVING IT! i received this polish as a gift from a friend who purchased it in hawaii while on vacation. she said it reminded me of her :) how sweet! you can see my original post on this nail polish here: http://www.luuux.com/node/3426448

anywho, i painted my toes with it and i love it! i didn`t think it was going to be too great but the color on my toes is after ONE COAT. it`s crazy opaque! i was originally going to paint my finger nails with this color but since i was trying it out for the first time, i thought i`d play it safe and wear it on my toes instead because it`s so bright.

the only thing i don`t like about this nail polish is that it`s a matte finish. the bottle had no mention of this polish being matte so i was surprised! not quite sure if it`s something i would like on my fingers, but i do like it on my toes especially because it`s hard to tell that it`s matte unless you`re looking closely. but the matte problem is easily fixed with a shiny top coat!

i`m really impressed with this nail polish and i`m really happy i have it :) it even got some attention from the security lady at the airport when i was going through the body scan. they make you take off your shoes and i was wearing toms, and when i was doing my body scan, she complimented me on the color! LOL can`t get much better than that!

does this look like a color you would wear?

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