Turquoise Bracelet

I went to Target and this time I <em>finally</em> remembered to stop by the jewelry department. I know I`m late on purchasing this bracelet since everyone already has it but I think it`s an affordable trendy piece to buy! Not only is it affordable only $4 but it`s easily accessible to buy at Target! Who does not love Target?! I chose to get the turquoise one, also available in pink and black I believe. It`s an adjustable bracelet with silver beads incorporated with braids.

Little Story:
The sign at Target said these bracelets were 3 for $12 and I was thinking oh not bad. Maybe I should buy 3. Then, I look at how much these bracelets cost and they are $4 each so why should I buy 3? False advertisement, there`s no savings involved! Lol.. trying to trick people!

<strong>What do you think about my new bracelet? Do you have one? Is this something you`d wear?</strong> There`s a lot of DIY bracelets like this but I think it`s too complex looking for something for me to do, lol.

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