Turn On your Car with Your iPhone!

5 years ago

photo from source link below.

Woah! i remember someone telling me about this, and you can turn on your car with your iPhone!
Umm.... but is it really legit? hmm.. it seems really cool im not going to lie, but i wonder if it really works! I think it is an app you have to get for your iPhone, and then it works. But what do you think?
I think it is handy, like when you forgot your keys somewhere and need to open the doors or whatever, or left them in your house and you can just use your iPhone instead but how if you loose your phone?
Haha, it would be pretty bad, someone stealing not only your $500 phone, but also your car! They can have access on opening your car, and you probably cant stop it unless you get your phone back!

What do you think? Would you get this app for yourself? And do you think it will really help!?

Any questions or comments? Write below!
photo not mine
apple iphone car

Source link: http://www.autoblog.com/2009/10/13/viper-app-allows-remote-start-of-your-car-with-iphone/

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