Turkey amp Cheese Croissant

4 years ago

During my trip to Oklahoma City my siblings and I stopped by Lee`s sandwiches right after the mall. I`ve never heard of this before, but I heard they`re popular in Houston, Texas. Right when I go in there lord baby Jesus it was like heaven. Haha! I`ll post pictures of the place in a different post. One of the thing we ordered were Ham & Cheese and Turkey and Cheese Croissant. OMG! This thing was calling for our names for some reason so we ordered two of each. Making it four croissant. I love the crisp and how fresh this croissant is. The texture was amazing! You can see by looking at the picture. The turkey and cheese is in the center of the croissant. Delicious stuff! Here`s what I ordered:
- 5 #1 Combination Sandwich - $14.95 ($2.99 each) /viz/combination-banh-mi
- 3 Durian Dessert - $9.75 ($3.25 each) /viz/che-thai-my-favorite
- 2 Banh Bao - $3.50 ($1.75 each) /viz/banh-bao-lees-sandwiches
- 6 Pate Chaud Large (Pork) - $7.50 ($1.25 each) /viz/six-large-pate-chaud-pork
- 2 Ham & Cheese Croissant - $4.50 ($2.35 each)
- 2 Turkey & Cheese - $4.50 ($2.35 each) In total, I spent exactly $48.45 on food at Lee`s Sandwiches food! CRAZY MUCH? Haha Questionnaire: 1. Do you eating croissant? 2. Have you ever heard of Lee`s sandwich? Follow, rate & comment! Images are mines

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