Turistas Movie Review

5 years ago

Hello, Ok, sorry for the late review. I`ve seen this movie like 5 times already and I will still watch it. I just amazes me how much things like this movie can actually happen in real life. This movie is called Turistas and it is filmed in Brasil. It`s basically like a thriller/horror movie depending on how you look at it. It`s about a group of friends who traveled to Brasil to see their wonderful country and then sh!t hits the fan. Instead of taking the plane they take the bus and that just leads them to more trouble. It was one thing after another. In this movie, the people of Brasil were scouting young Americans and befriended them to find out more about them and then turn them over to the doctor who surgically removes all their vital organs and use them to save his people. He believed he was doing the right thing, how messed up is that? The country of Brasil is poor and the waiting list of an organ is hella long. So his answer was to take it from the tourists. Lol, in this movie it shows you how they drug the tourist by slipping something in their drinks, stealing their passports, ID`s, and money so that they have no way of getting back home. This movie is pretty much like the other crazy ones out there like The Hostel which I also like. If you like strange and scary movies like those that you will like this one too. Enjoy the trailer too. What kind of movies do you like? Ever seen Turistas or The Hostel? *pix are not mines* http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0454970/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pPnXXT48BE Thanks for reading please comment, rate, and follow <3 Dont forget to enter my /viz/ringing-da-new-year-giveaway

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