Tupac Hologram Coachella 2012 - My thoughts

5 years ago

So you`ve probably all heard about the Tupac hologram (Pictured above) that was bought out on stage by Snoop and Dr Dre on Sunday night at Coachella 2012. Firstly, I would like to say I am a HUGE 2pac/Makaveli fan, whilst I thought the hologram was outstanding (as well as messing with your brain for a couple of minutes), Pac`s speaking voice was off, it didn`t sound like him at all as far as I was concerned and some of the vocals didn`t sound like Pac either. I know it`s a hologram but you think Dre might want it to be as convincing as possible. Dre! Exactly, that is my next point, any Pac fans will know that when Pac "died" he had major beef with Dre.
Dre had left Death Row records, messed up things for people on the label, let Pac down on a number of occasions and just to give an example of how Pac felt about Dre around this time, let`s remember `To Live and Die in LA`, at the end of the song Pac says "California love part 2, without gay ass dre". So what I can`t understand is why Dre felt he could do this when he knew Pac did NOT like him anymore to say the least. I know the dead or alive debate is a very mixed one but my belief is Tupac is still alive and so the only thing I can think of is Dre and Pac have since made up, which makes more sense when you look at all the ties Dre, Eminem and Obie Trice have had with Pac following his "death". There have been the Makaveli vs Mathers mixtapes by Shady, all claiming he`s coming back and the MANY suggestions of Tupac being alive (Cuba) by numerous Shady/Aftermath associated acts. So although I believe this hologram is probably just something and nothing used to keep Pac in our minds, it could be something to keep us fans strong while we wait for Pac`s return. I won`t ponder on it, Please comment, no hate, just opinions :)

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